Laura Plantation

Laura PlantationHave your passport ready to enter the world of Creole Louisiana and experience what has been called “the best history tour in the U.S.”

This Creole plantation tour is based upon 5,000 pages of documents found in the French National Archives and upon Laura’s "Memories of the Old Plantation Home," in which she details 250 years of true-life stories of the Creole women, slaves and children who lived and worked here.

Laura Plantation was awarded the “Top Travel Attraction in Louisiana” by the Louisiana Travel Promotion Association. It was also listed among “the top 25 most popular house museums in the U.S.” by the American Academy of Architecture and Design.

Your tour includes a visit to the "Big House," gardens and original 1840s slave cabins in which the West African folktales of Compair Lapin (later known as Br'er Rabbit) were recorded over 140 years ago.

On your journey to this historic plantation built in 1805, you'll also have the opportunity to enjoy a panoramic view of Lake Pontchartrain as you cross the Bonnet Carre Spillway (the flood outlet of the Mississippi River).

Travel past Whitney, Evergreen, Felicity & St. Joseph Plantations, ghosts of the past that front the Mississippi River, where rich crops of sugar cane, cotton and indigo from these fertile lands once  travelled to ports of trade.

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Note: Due to the homes' historic nature, access to the second floor (the main living quarters) is by stairs only.

Walking the grounds with your guide is an integral part of this experience.

Includes guided tour of plantation home and narrated motor coach transportation.

Tour Details


7 1/4 hours
(This plantation is only offered as a combination with either Whitney Plantation or Oak Alley Plantation as part of the Double Plantation Tour. Click “BOOK YOUR TOUR NOW!” below for further information.)

Departs From:

All tours begin at the Gray Line "Lighthouse" Ticket Office in the French Quarter at Toulouse St. &the Mississippi River - at the Steamboat Natchez Dock.