Official 2014 Jazz Fest Express-Buy Today!

April 23 2014 | Whats New

The ONLY  shuttle that brings you INSIDE the gates of the festival!

April 25-27 & May 1-4, 2014

Downtown Departures locations at Steamboat Natchez Dock and the Sheraton Hotel. The City Park location is at the Rugby Field near Marconi & Harrison (shuttle price includes parking).  Day-of sales begin at 9:30am and shuttles begin at 10:30am and operate until all patrons have left the Festival.  Advance Package (shuttle + admission) available only on April 24 and April 30 (Steamboat Natchez Dock, Sheraton Hotel, and Hilton Hotel Concierge at #2 Poydras St.)  Admission tickets not sold separately, but shuttle tickets are sold separately if you have already purchased your admission ticket.

To purchase Jazz Fest admission and Express shuttle tickets by phone, call us at 504-569-1401 or 800-233-2628 through 4pm on April 24 (for the first weekend) and through 4pm on April 30 (for the 2nd weekend). To purchase Jazz Fest admission tickets and/or Express shuttle tickets online, click here.

504-569-1401   800-233-2628