Meet our Guides - Meet Robi

March 7 2019 | Whats New

Robi's family dates back to New Orleans all the way back to the 1820’s on his mother’s side. but He gets his Cajun influence from his father’s side, who arrived in Louisiana in the 1760’s.

He is a sixth generation Algerine, born in Algiers General Hospital on the West Bank of the Mississippi.

Robi’s Great, Great, Great Grandfather owned many shipyards along the river and on Bayou St. John and even had part in the construction of the Civil War submarine on display in the State Museum in Baton Rouge.

After a long career at a major theme park in Orlando, Robi returned to his beloved city in 2012.

The next year he studied with the Friends of the Cabildo to become a licensed tour guide and now assists with the teaching of that class.

He joined the Gray Line tour guide team in March of 2015 and became Gray Line’s Tour Manager in October of the same year.