Meet our Guides - Meet Mary L.

March 13 2019 | Whats New


Mary L. grew up in the Uptown area and attended Ursuline Academy.  After raising a large family in the Lakeview area she moved away from her beloved city for almost 20 years.  But her love of New Orleans called her home. 

Mary states she was tricked in to training as a tour guide with the Friends of the Cabildo.  She was told it would not take much time. 

Her training has led to a passion for conducting tours.  She loves it so much that when she is not working as a tour guide she volunteers as a tour guide. 

Gray Line has enjoyed her talents for over 20 years as a tour guide.

Based on Mary’s experience as a guide and from researching facts about her family’s 140 year old tomb, she wrote a book, “Death Embraced: New Orleans Tombs and Burial Customs.

Although she can lead almost any tour, her guest love her Cemetery and Voodoo Tour. After all, when it comes to the cemetery, she wrote the book.