Locals & Visitors get ready for Jazz Fest on the Jazz Fest Express

April 25 2017 | Whats New

It's countdown to Jazz Fest!  Don't forget that the Official Jazz Fest Express operated by Gray Line is the ONLY shuttle that actually picks up and drops off INSIDE the fairgrounds.  It runs continuously beginning a half hour before festival and ending when all the guests have left the Fairgrounds.  

 Locals and drive-in visitors - This year there is a NEW LOCATION at City Park - It is larger, easy to get to, and can accommodate many more vehicles.  Just go to Wisner Blvd. near Filmore Ave.  If you use google maps just plug in 5700 Wisner Blvd. Just $15 round trip.  

 Downtown locations still include the Sheraton Hotel Canal Street and the Steamboat NATCHEZ Dock in the heart of the French Quarter for only $20 round trip.  

Brochures are available at hotel desks, departure points, and Certified Brochure Racks or Call us at 504-569-1401