Hurricane Katrina Tour 2015

October 12 2015 | Whats New

Insightful comments from a recent guest.

“Hurricane Katrina Tour Was Inspiring”     

We took this same tour two years after Katrina hit as part of our service trip to help with rebuilding homes after the Hurricane. It was quite inspiring to see the recovery of so much of the city eight years later and the resilience of the people. Our guide, Mary and her family lived through Katrina and it was especially moving to hear their stories, which we thanked her for sharing. She was a wealth of knowledge, which she imparted with great southern charm and humor - a plus given the severity of the impact of the storm. We saw many sites, including the Katrina Memorial. They no longer go into the lower ninth ward at the residents requested, which is very respectful of the ongoing challenges residents face. The city has come so far, but still a lot of people are suffering and there is still much to be done, especially in the lower ninth. Great tour done very respectfully.

Visited October 2015