Ghost Stories for Ghost Camp

August 7 2014 | Whats New

Ghost Dinner


Perhaps Andrew Jackson has taken a "fancy" to a lovely lady on your tour.   Was an ill-fated tryst between a pirate and politician’s daughter the reason that she still roams the street alongside you looking for her dashing privateer?  In haunted New Orleans you could be enjoying the company with just about anyone, whether you can see them or not.


Named the "Most Haunted City”, we have stories dating from hundreds of years ago to the 21st century, and they don't need theatrics to make them send a shiver up your spine.  Our well researched and dedicated Ghosts & Spirits guides will take Gray Line guests through darkened streets of the French Quarter and share these stories.

Why not spend a whole weekend with these guides and special guests for your very first GHOST CAMP!   

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Enter the Scary Story contest on  You have more than a "ghostly change" to win a weekend event pass for two to Ghost Camp.