January 10 2013 | Whats New


A table set as if awaiting guests at Laura Planation, a tour offered to Super Bowl guests!


“We’re expecting record crowds for Super Bowl XLVII,” says Adrienne, Marketing Director for Gray Line of NO.  “That means every tour guide will work overtime to meet the expectations of our guests.”

Over the past three months, Gray Line hired a local opera diva to provide projection lessons for guides faced with an increasingly noisy French Quarter. They brought in an improvisational coach to help guides understand how to be flexible and to identify opportunities that might increase the entertainment value of tours. And they hired an “A-List” roster of historians and lecturers to provide new twists to old tales.

“Providing character-focused stories and exploring the elements of great storytelling has helped the entire group,” says Yvonne Pratt, who gives the Jean Lafitte Pirate and French Quarter Walking tour. “With stories of Lincoln,  Marie Laveau and Mark Twain fresh in our minds we’re ready to greet record crowds with the greatest stories of a storied city.”