Chocolated Worm Syrup

January 4 2021 | Whats New

One of our stops on the Ghost Tour is the front of the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum.  There is a fascinating story of the Pharmacy and its part in a love triangle gone wrong.  But here is another interesting story from the annals of this amazing museum of oddities.

“CAUTION: Do not give more than three doses in any one day. Wait at least three days before giving another dose.”

One of the most interesting instances of graphic design in the collection at the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum belongs to a tonic intended to treat stomach parasites in infants. Pitcher's Chocolated Worm Syrup, manufactured by the Pfeifer Chemical Company (New York / St. Louis) in 1919, the exact contents of this medication are a mystery due to the omission of an ingredients list from the label.  But even though parents had to take their word that it would be good for the children, the chocolate included was sure to please the little ones.