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Meet Your Gray Line New Orleans Tour Guides


George has been a lifelong resident of New Orleans, with exception of a 30-year career in the United States Air Force. 

He attended John McDonough High School, received a BS from LSU and a MA from Webster College.

Because of George’s love of telling stories about his favorite city, he became a tour guide.  He joined the Gray Line team in 1993.

                  Ever since, he has enjoyed traveling vicariously with the visitors who join his tours. In addition, he enjoys 

learning more about his city to share with the visitors he has welcomed for the last 27 years!




                                                             Born in New Orleans and raised in Gretna, Daniel is a fourth generation New Orleanian. He worked for Di Martino’s Muffulettas for seven years                                                                                            and has handcrafted over 20,000 Muffulettas and Roast Beef Po’boys.

Daniel earned his history degree from Pennsylvania State University.                     

He enjoys teaching visitors new things about the city he loves.  However, he takes the greatest satisfaction when he sees a visitor’s face after he has peaked their interest.

His passionate story telling makes every “Daniel” tour great.



Charlie was born in the Irish Channel of New Orleans, with incredible history all around him.  He graduated with a degree in History at Southeastern Louisiana University.  

                                            He is descended from French and German immigrants with an American influence as well. The French side of his family arrived in New Orleans in 1740, the German side in 1840,                                                                                         and the American side in 1850.  Family history tells the real story of New Orleans culture and he has so many sides to draw from naturally.

                                                                                           Charlie enjoys meeting all types of people and sharing the stories he has been told about South Louisiana and New Orleans.                                                                                                     That was his inspiration to study at Delgado College and Friends of the Cabildo to become a tour guide in 2012.   

          He joined Gray Line New Orleans in 2014 and has been sharing his wealth of knowledge with visitors to New Orleans ever since.  Join him for the stories of New Orleans!



John was born and raised in New Orleans.

As an Eagle Scout he has learned to be prepared for every turn a tour can take. His seven plus years as an Air Traffic Controller adds to his accolades!

After owning his own photography business, he studied to become a tour guide.

With every turn he learned new tours and four years ago he joined the Gray Line Team.

He considers himself an ambassador of New Orleans due to his love for the city. His goal is to share this love with as many visitors as possible.



                           Mary L. grew up in the Uptown area and attended Ursuline Academy.  After raising a large family in the Lakeview area she moved away from her beloved city for almost 20 years.                                                                           But her love of New Orleans called her home. 

Mary states she was tricked in to training as a tour guide with the Friends of the Cabildo.  She was told it would not take much time. 

Her training has led to a passion for conducting tours.  She loves it so much that when she is not working as a tour guide she volunteers as a tour guide. 

Gray Line has enjoyed her talents for over 20 years as a tour guide.

Based on Mary’s experience as a guide and from researching facts about her family’s 140 year old tomb, she wrote a book, “Death Embraced: New Orleans Tombs and Burial Customs.

Although she can lead almost any tour, her guest love her Cemetery and Voodoo Tour. After all, when it comes to the cemetery, she wrote the book.



Robi's family dates back to New Orleans all the way back to the 1820’s on his mother’s side. but He gets his Cajun influence from his father’s side, who arrived in Louisiana in the 1760’s.

He is a sixth generation Algerine, born in Algiers General Hospital on the West Bank of the Mississippi.

Robi’s Great, Great, Great Grandfather owned many shipyards along the river and on Bayou St. John and even had part in the construction of the Civil War submarine on display in the State Museum in Baton Rouge.

After a long career at a major theme park in Orlando, Robi returned to his beloved city in 2012.

The next year he studied with the Friends of the Cabildo to become a licensed tour guide and now assists with the teaching of that class.

He joined the Gray Line tour guide team in March of 2015 and became Gray Line’s Tour Manager in October of the same year.



Midge was born and raised in Metairie and attended University of New Orleans.

After a 30 year career in International Banking in New York, she returned to her beloved home town. After studying Louisiana and New Orleans history back at UNO, she decided to become a tour guides.

Midge received further training at Delgado University and with the Friends of the Cabildo.

Once she received her Tour Guide license from the city she immediately started with Gray Line and has been entertaining and educating visitors to New Orleans ever since.